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We are moving and constructing a new cable park in the Denver area. At this time, we are not accepting reservations for any cable activities. Please see our quarterly newsletter for detailed information. You may check our Facebook page for construction updates.


Don't own a boat or equipment?
Are you ready to improve your skills?
Tired of public lakes and rough water on the weekends?

Mile High Wakeboarding has created the ultimate gathering place in Colorado to come hang with friends and family of all ages - whether you want to learn something new, play in the water, or just relax on one of the best beaches in Colorado. Never heard of a cable system? Check out the video below for an idea of what Mile High Wake Park is all about. There is no faster, better or safer way to learn and take your skills to the next level or back to the boat!

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Learn to Wakeboard or Just Enjoy the Beach

If you are looking to learn how to wakeboard (wakesurf, wakeskate, or wake-ski) or feel like bringing your snow, rail, or skate skills to the water this summer, you are in great hands with MHW. That's what we do best and there are several options (as low as $49) to get you learning and enjoying the water! Check out our Colorado Wakeboard Lessons, or give us a call for more information on getting on a cable or boat.

If you're not quite sold on getting in the water yet, feel free to come hang out at Mile High Wake Park on any given weekend - it's 100% free. Whether you want to spread out, relax, and read your favorite book, borrow an air mattress to float on the lake, use the water trampoline and bouncing blob, or get involved in a beach game like the high stake championships of bean bag (aka:cornhole), we always have something fun going on!

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